Your reliable partner in the world of green energy

AHT is a publicly traded, highly innovative CleanTec enterprise with three decades of engineering expertise and strong technology partners.

We design and install biomass power plants and CleanTec facilities tailored to the specific needs of our customers, currently providing clean energy on four continents.

At AHT, we offer our customers individual high-efficiency solutions for clean, secure energy. Our focus is on process design, plant planning, and project implementation. With our established and coordinated network of partners, suppliers, and EPC contractors, we achieve simultaneous project processing worldwide. We help our customers transform their energy, raw materials, and CO2 management for the better.

In collaboration with universities and research institutes, we continuously develop our technologies. Our vision is to convert waste materials into electricity, heat, and chemical building blocks without any emissions.

Our roots

Our history dates back to the original wood gasifiers, through gas production using fossil fuels, to AHT CleanTec solutions for green, CO2-free energy.

As early as the 1950s to 1960s, gas production with waste biomass such as rice husks, coconut, groundnuts, or cocoa shells was already in operation.

However, due to the cheap prices of oil and natural gas, the existing gas production technology was gradually displaced from the market from the mid-1960s onwards.

Due to current energy and climate policy frameworks and the resulting goal of decarbonizing energy production, the production of synthesis gas from biomass is experiencing a real comeback.

Since we never lost sight of the conversion of biogenic residues into energy and continuously developed our technology, we can now make a valuable contribution to the energy transition with our AHT CleanTec solutions.

In particular, our long-standing commitment to the Japanese market, which is considered a global pioneer in this area, has enabled us to rely on proven plant components throughout the entire process chain from material preparation to gas cleaning.

Let’s implement the energy transition together!

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