Sustainable use of resources is also the key to secure investments for the future:

Carbon and Nitrogen are obvious valuable materials that can be obtained from biogenic waste or sewage sludge. The recovery of phosphorus, which is separated from sewage sludge treatment, the extraction of CO2, or mineral ash, which can be reused as fertilizers depending on the application, is equally interesting and important.

Depending on the objective, feedstock, and desired technology, AHT can offer a solution for your specific needs to extract these valuable base products.

In addition, AHT operates in the field of green hydrogen, which is separated from a gas mixture with high purity and has enormous potential for a carbon dioxide-free future.

High-purity hydrogen through the Ferro-Hy-Tunnel!

The Ferro-Hy-Tunnel (FHT) is a system for separating high-purity hydrogen from hydrogen-containing gas mixtures.

  • Hydrogen 8.0 (purity: ≥ 99.999999%) can be produced in just one pass.
  • Free scalable and modular in design.
  • Extremely low-maintenance and energy-efficient in operation.
  • Profitable to use even with small amounts of H2 of a few cubic meters.

In the Ferro-Hy-Tunnel, elemental hydrogen migrates through the material.

  • Tubes made of specially prepared pure iron are pressurized from the outside with a gas mixture containing any amount of hydrogen.
  • The electrons released by the hydrogen on the outside of the pure iron tube are reabsorbed on the other side after passing through.
  • The pure hydrogen is extracted from the inside of the pure iron tube. All other substances and elements cannot pass through or “tunnel” through this metal lattice due to their size.
07 Wertstoffe Fht Prinzip

Further products

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