The purified syngas from AHT’s gas production can be supplied to a combined heat and power plant (CHP) as needed. There, it can generate electricity and/or heat that can be regulated according to daily or seasonal demand. If solar and wind energy are already being used, it can serve as a reliable source of control energy. This innovative technology increases efficiency: Depending on the application, AHT’s CHPs achieve electrical efficiencies of over 40% when the synthesis gas is converted to electricity in a biomass power plant.

Generating electricity from synthesis gas produces waste heat, which can be adapted to the specific needs (quantity and temperature level). Steam production and cooling systems can therefore be operated according to demand.

By using a CHP in the AHT biomass power plant, you can produce your own CO2-neutral electricity and supply your own production facilities or nearby buildings with district heating, provided that the appropriate infrastructure is in place.

Together with AHT and, if necessary, associated planning offices, suitable heat sinks beyond the immediate surroundings can also be identified. Seasonal heat storage for winter self-use or for drying materials that are generated on-site or regionally available and optimized for transport for use in AHT facilities are also possible at low cost.

By using local or regional bio-based materials and efficiently utilizing all available energy streams, you can significantly reduce your CO2 emissions and become independent of other energy sources.

Further products

Here you will find further AHT products related to these topics:

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