AHT CleanTec Solutions for Green Energy

No one knows your future energy requirements better than you!

Use our expertise to develop a cost-effective green supply solution that fits your existing facilities and business objectives.

We will build a suitable solution for YOUR operation from proven modules!

Biogene Reststoffe

Sawdust as an energy source is well-known, but have you ever thought about using your wastewater streams or extracted production dust as a source of heat and power?

From the fermentation residue from your in-house biogas plant to husks: AHT biomass power plants can operate on a variety of biogenic waste and residue materials that may not always appear valuable at first glance.

With continuous research, we offer you various solutions throughout the entire value chain, from input material preparation to the provision of heat and electricity!

Cost-effective and stable energy supply often begins with an approach that is not a standard solution!

Another advantage of our innovative approaches: there are often suitable funding opportunities that can make investment easier.

Get a first glimpse or contact us directly.

Guelle Klaerschlamm

Manure and sewage sludge as valuable resources! The agricultural use of sewage sludge is facing an uncertain future in the medium term. Depending on the region, the land may no longer be able to absorb “natural fertilizer” and long transport routes are only profitable at high prices for the disposal of sewage sludge. The incineration of sewage sludge is increasingly being viewed critically and is also subject to high disposal prices.

AHT offers innovative solutions to process wet biomass such as sewage sludge, manure, livestock waste in such a way that it can be used for energy: heat, electricity, and plant-available nutrients are our end products.

Take advantage of our expertise in the processing of feedstocks to make manure and dung economically attractive. Here you can get a first glimpse of how the processing works:

Header Hochtemperatur Energie

AHT CleanTec Solutions offers innovative green energy solutions for businesses looking to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. They specialize in utilizing various types of biomass, including biogenic waste and residue streams, to generate cost-effective and stable energy solutions. AHT’s expertise includes the entire value chain from input material processing to energy supply, and they offer customized solutions for individual companies based on their specific energy requirements. Their solutions can be applied to a range of industries, including agriculture and manufacturing, and may be eligible for various government funding programs.

You can find further information here or contact us directly:

Header Wertstoffe

Recovering the elementary chemical components is one of the keys to achieving a true circular economy, alongside waste prevention.

We offer solutions, among others, to extract valuable phosphorus in a compliant and plant-available way from sewage sludge and manure.

Do you want to extract hydrogen, CO2, or carbon black directly from your own AHT biopower plants or existing facilities? Contact us!

Co2nutzen Speichern

Currently, CO2 is seen as a problem – to us, we see it as an opportunity!

So far, CO2 at the “chimney end” has been considered a waste product that harms the climate. Let’s work together to turn it into a raw material that is at the beginning of many production chains.

We develop a tailored solution for your company for CO2 separation. Either for direct use within your processes or as an input material for methanization or the production of synthetic fuels.

We consider H2, CO, and CO2 as important bases for our CleanTec solutions!

Header Investieren Gruene Energie

Are you an investor or entrepreneur interested in a future-oriented investment?

We design sustainable CleanTec systems for efficient use of residual materials and welcome committed shareholders who want to support us on our CleanTec path.

As an investor, you can directly participate through our stock. We are also happy to introduce you to the possibility of investing directly in a complete AHT biomass power plant.

Please contact us at any time – we look forward to exchanging ideas with you!

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