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The AHT Biomass power system enables production of decentralized energy on site by using agricultural, industrial or municipal residues to supply our customer cost-effectively with green energy from 200(250) KW – 10(15) MW electricity (hea). We offer suitable operator models for domestic and foreign customers all over the world, ranging from pure system supply to complete operation by AHT.

AHT CleanTec Solutions for Green Energy

Take advantage of our expertise!

Our answers to every future energy requirement from industrial, agricultural to municipality needs!

Biogene Reststoffe

AHT biomass power systems can be operated with biogenic residual and waste materials that are produced during manufacturing and processing operations. They are often real leftovers that are not produced specifically for energy generation and cannot serve as food for humans or animals.

Biogenic residual and waste materials range widely, from grain husks to nutshells.

Convert biogenic residues into efficient energy & power that can bring you even better returns to the company and to our environment!

With continuous research, we offer various solutions from input material processing up to promotional marketing for you!

Guelle Klaerschlamm

The agricultural utilization of sewage sludge is facing “extinction” in the medium term, and incineration capacities for sewage sludge are currently only available to a limited extent and at high disposal prices. Although sewage sludge, liquid manure and animal manure contain a whole range of valuable system nutrients, the proportion of inorganic pollutants is considered to be of concern.

The farm manure from municipal waste disposal and from animal husbandry, i.e. dung and liquid manure, which accumulates in masses, can be used much more efficiently!

AHT offers innovative solutions to process wet biomass in such a way that it can be used for energy production without any problems. Take advantage of our expertise in the processing of feedstock.

Header Hochtemperatur Energie

We all know that many industrial processes are highly dependent on traditional usage of coal or gas are currently in the spotlight due to increased energy and CO2 prices.

AHT offers innovative solutions to generate heat on site from biogenic residues at any active temperatures sourced from agriculture or industry from your region for this purpose.

Inexpensive high temperature or energy? This can certainly be achieved!

Header Wertstoffe

We are convinced that the recovery of the elementary chemical building blocks from biogenic residues is one of the keys to a true circular economy.

We would be pleased to inform you about our solutions, e.g. to extract valuable phosphorus from sewage sludge and liquid manure in compliance with the law.

If desired, we can also integrate solutions for you in our AHT biopower systems that separate hydrogen or char coal from your material and gas streams.

Co2nutzen Speichern

CO and CO2 play a central role in many industrial processes. Together with hydrogen, they can be used to produce most of the basic chemicals used.

We work with you to develop the right solution for capturing CO2, both under CCU and CCS aspects.

Of course, we also integrate systems for methanization or the production of synthetic fuels for you.

Header Investieren Gruene Energie

As we are a solution and service provider for all things green, we would like to invite you to build a synergy of business together for a better future. Contact us anytime and we are always open for discussion to find you the best possibilities to suit your corporation.

For a cleaner tomorrow

Systems and components

The concepts and systems of AHT fit a wide range of applications.

The focus is on the realization of systems that produce electricity, heat and chemical raw materials from biogenic residues at the customer’s site.

Preparation of input materials

When biogenic residual and waste materials are used in the region or directly on site, transport routes are minimized, recyclable materials are recovered and the environment is massively relieved. In addition, dependence on external energy supplies is reduced.

On our customers’ way to green transformation, AHT can take over the processing or procurement of the required input material: If biogenic residues are available, they are processed by hydrothermal carbonization, shredding and/or briquetting to suit the biomass system, depending on their liquid or solid nature.

A wide range of residual materials from agriculture, food production or industrial manufacturing are suitable for this purpose; from liquid manure, digestate and sewage sludge to green waste, rice husks, waste wood of all qualities, nut shells and numerous other biogenic materials.

Synthesis gas generation

Gas generation with renewable biomass is ideally suited for independent and decentralized hot gas, heat and power supply concepts. Within the AHT biomass power systems, our effective twin-fire gas generators ensure the thermochemical conversion of the input materials into usable synthesis gas. The gas generation process takes place in the reactor (gasifier) at temperatures up to 1,200 °C. By combining updraft and downdraft processes, the twin-fire gasifier creates the basis for a clean gas process during gas generation/extraction/production.

The AHT twin-fire gas generators generate a synthesis gas with the respective desired quality from a variety of renewable raw materials or biogenic residues. They can process not only various types of wood – including treated wood – but also other feedstocks such as HTC/VTC hydrocarbon from digestate, sewage sludge or manure, or crop residues in briquetted form.
If you have access to biogenic residues, we will be happy to test them for usability – A significant reduction in overall costs is thus possible.

Important to know:
Already existing systems can be expanded without any problems – the AHT gas generator is easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Synthesis gas conditioning

The conditioning of the synthesis gas is an important link between gas generation and onward transmission to a combined heat and power system, for example. The treatment is tailored to the purity requirements of downstream processes.

The already very clean process gas generated in the AHT twin-fired gasifier passes through a combined wet gas scrubbing and cooling process in the gas conditioning unit. In the final cleaning step, the downstream, specially developed wet electrostatic precipitator removes the remaining interfering aerosols.

High gas purity ensures reliable gas transport over long distances, highly efficient utilization in the CHP unit, and high efficiency.

The AHT Biomass System

Closing material cycles in the sense of the circular economy

AHT systems convert waste materials into energy sources, gas into fuels and fuels into energy. The aim of our concepts is to provide a customized system and process chain at the end of which neither CO2 nor heat is released into the environment.

Processing existing residues

AHT Processing existing residues

Processing existing residues

Depending on feedstock

  • shredding
  • drying
  • briquetting
  • carbonizing

Synthesis gas generation

AHT Synthesis gas generation

Synthesis gas generation

  • pyrolysis
  • oxidation
  • reduction
  • provision of hot gas

Synthesis gas conditioning

AHT Synthesis gas conditioning

Synthesis gas conditioning

  • purification
  • cooling
  • wash water treatment

Providing energy

AHT Providing energy

Providing energy

  • electrical energy
  • thermal energy

Separate recyclables

AHT Separate recyclables

Separate recyclables

  • H2
  • CO
  • P

AHT CleanTec Solutions

AHT systems all over the world bear witness to our international experience and competence.

Referenz1 Neonite 250 Japan A
Referenz1 Neonite 250 Japan B
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Biomass Power System

  • Power (el.): 250 kWel
  • Power (therm.): 275 kWth
  • Fuel: Wood chips
  • Carbon Dioxide reduction: 450 to/a
Referenz2 Kesenumma Japan A
Referenz2 Kesenumma Japan B
Referenz2 Kesenumma Japan C
Referenz2 Kesenumma Japan D
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Biomass Power System

  • Power (el.): 2 x 400 kWel
  • Power (therm.): 360 kW th
  • Fuel: Wood chips
  • Carbon Dioxide reduction: 1550 to/a
Referenz3 Chur Schweiz A
Referenz3 Chur Schweiz B
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Biomass Power System

  • Power (el.): 200 kWel
  • Power (therm.): 225 kWth
  • Fuel: Wood chips and HTC Briquetts
  • Carbon Dioxide reduction: 450 to/a


With our diverse professional technical know-how and flexibility in cooperation, we can offer you a wide range of services.

Apart from consulting in decentralized energy supply; elaboration of concepts for problem solving and preparation of quotation are all part of our services. We also implement scheduled maintenance for the system and its associated components.

Share in our extensive experience and benefit from it! No matter where in the world your system is located: We are there for you!

Our 7 Steps to a successful project

We take over the complete project handling of your system. Benefit from our experience in all service phases: from planning and installation to service after commissioning.

Akkordeon Vorplanung
  • Project analysis
  • Project design
  • Engineering
  • Commissioning
Akkordeon Angebot
  • Cost calculation
  • Determination of the scope of supply and services
  • Terms of payment
  • Warranty
Akkordeon Detailplanung
  • Design of project details
  • Site-specific design
  • Conclusion of purchase contract
Akkordeon Fertigung
  • Production
  • Assembly
  • Test run
Akkordeon Endkontrolle
  • Off-site final Inspection
  • Shipping
Akkordeon Montage
  • Installation of system
  • Engineering
  • Technical work
Akkordeon Abnahme
  • Final site inspection
  • Handover of site
  • Optional: extended service & maintenance procurement

About us

AHT is a publicly traded, highly innovative CleantTec company with three decades of engineering expertise and strong technology partners.

We design and install custom-fit biomass power systems and CleanTec systems that currently provide clean energy on four continents.

At AHT, we provide our customers with customized high-efficiency solutions for clean, safe energy. Our focus is on process design, system engineering, and project execution. With our established and well-coordinated network of partners, suppliers and EPC contractors, we realize simultaneous project execution – worldwide. We help our customers to change their management of energy, raw materials and CO2 for the better.

Together with universities and research institutes, we continuously develop our technologies. Our vision is to convert residual materials completely and without emissions into electricity, heat and basic chemical building blocks.

Green Investment

In the future, biogenic residues will make a significant contribution to a demand-oriented supply of electricity and heat.

Our highly efficient systems and components ensure climate-neutral energy generation and the separation of valuable materials such as hydrogen, phosphorus or carbon for industrial processes and mobility.

Working at AHT

Do you want the energy revolution to move forward faster and would you like to help shape it?

We tinker, develop, test and implement – and there is always room for team players, out-of-the-box thinkers, process optimizers, future planners and sustainability designers!

AHT is an innovative company and our solutions are a building block making the world a better place. That’s why we are looking for employees who are committed and enthusiastic about pursuing our vision together with us.

Here you can find current vacancies in our company:

You are also welcome to submit your unsolicited application to us.

In addition, we are regularly looking for committed and interested engineering graduates. We offer a place for your internship semester, which will give you professional orientation and practical experience. Student assistants are also always welcome.

Do not hesitate and send us your meaningful application documents to: info(at)aht-cleantec.com.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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