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AHT Cleantec Achieves Swift Installation of Gas Generators in Japan, Signaling Continued Growth

AHT Cleantec, a leading player in clean tec solutions, is pleased to announce the rapid and successful installation of additional gas generators in Japan, completed in just four days. This accomplishment demonstrates our effective project management and solid partnership with our client.

The integration of each 25-ton reactor into the client’s facility was a display of excellent coordination and teamwork. With this milestone reached, our team is already actively preparing for the next set of projects, ensuring a steady pace of progress.

This installation is a key step towards our objective of increasing plant deliveries, reflecting our ongoing advancement in serial production. Our facilities are a hive of activity, focused on fulfilling the needs of our global customers.

Ferges, CEO of AHT, comments, “The successful installation in Japan is a clear indicator of our collaborative strength and commitment to our clients. We are ready and looking forward to embarking on more projects, enhancing our service offerings. We welcome any interviews or questions regarding our recent endeavors and future plans.”

AHT Cleantec, known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and reliability, provides a range of energy solutions for various industries. Our continuous operation and dedication to excellence underline our position as a leader in the sector. Each of these projects will contribute to a CO2 saving of approximately 4000 tons per year.

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