2023 07 13 Briketts Aremtech

MILESTONE ACHIEVED – Expansion of process chain to include material preparation for biomass compaction

With the acquisition of all important assets of ATNA Industrial Solutions GmbH – a recognized specialist for processing technology – in an asset deal, AHT expands its internal process chain to include material preparation as one of the most important building blocks for the utilization of biogenic residues.

“The know-how bearers of the former ATNA are known to us as proven partners and will in future bundle their expert knowledge together with us in aremtech GmbH (advanced renewables material technology).” The new company is a 75.1% subsidiary of A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. (WKN: A12AGY)

“The complementary product portfolio complements our expertise in residue processing, which is very much in line with the strong growth in demand in the green energy generation market” continues Gero Ferges, CEO of AHT. “This is a crucial step for the utilization of a wide range of feedstocks. In the processed form, the briquettes can be immediately used in our biomass gasification plants for the production of green and clean energy. The added technologies and components will complement the AHT biomass power plants in an excellent way and realize what we consider a unique process chain.”

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