2020 12 01 Absichtserklaerung Fht

A.H.T. signs Memorandum of Understanding with Mahnken & Partner on hydrogen separation from synthesis gas

A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. (in short “A.H.T.”) announces that on 1 December 2020, a letter of intent together with Mahnken und Partner GmbH (in short “M&P”) based in Ahausen was signed.

In the coming weeks, the two companies will realise a joint venture that will focus exclusively on the separation of high purity hydrogen from hydrogen-containing mixed gases.

“The right to market the patented Ferro-Hy-Tunnel process (in short “FHT”), which has been brought in by our partner M&P, is the perfect complement to our focus on planning and realising Clean Tech solutions around synthesis gas production of biogenic materials”, says Mr Gero Ferges, CEO of A.H.T.. “With this technology, the hydrogen contained in any form of a gas containing it can be separated in a highly pure and efficient way and brought to any hydrogen utilisation scenario”.

It is planned to market components and licenses related to FHT hydrogen separation. “We ourselves are an inventors’ organisation and as such are very pleased to have found an internationally active and competent technology partner in A.H.T., who will transfer the inventions and patents into practice”, says Peter Hamann, Managing Director of M&P.

The FHT technology is seen by the partners as the missing link of the decarbonised H2 economy: “High purity hydrogen in 8.0 quality secures the next quantum leaps in fuel cell technology”, says Mr Hamann. “And the transport of H2 through the existing natural gas grid will only be realised quickly and successfully if it is possible to extract the hydrogen at its destination in a clean and inexpensive way. In addition, hydrogen can be decentrally produced at low costs where it is needed – from locally available resources. It is precisely for such scenarios that we see the application of the Ferro-Hy-Tunnel process as a focal point,” adds Mr Ferges.

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