2021 03 02 Energieaudit Gefoerdert

Funded energy audit reveals: A.H.T. biomass plants can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90 % in high-temperature processes – while at the same time reducing costs.

Through an industry request to A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. (in short “A.H.T.”), together with Bode Planungsgesellschaft für Energieeffizienz m.b.H. (in short “Bode”), it was determined how the client’s energy-intensive production processes could be switched from fossil fuels to renewable energy. The client received a funding for this energy audit by the German Federal Office for Economic Affairs and Export Control.

After taking a close look at the production processes, the study showed that up to 33,000 tonnes of CO2 could be saved per year in the industrial plant under investigation – while at the same time reducing costs in operations. In addition, CO2 savings of more than two million euros by the year 2030 were calculated. In purely commercial terms, such a conversion pays for itself within 18 to 30 months after commissioning.

“With such a plant conversion, we avoid CO2 emissions equivalent to the exhaust gases of a petrol-driven car over a driving distance of around 170 million kilometres – while at the same time reducing operating costs and avoiding CO2 taxes,” explains Gero Ferges, CEO of A.H.T..

The advantage of the A.H.T. synthesis gas plants is the flexible production of the CO2-neutral synthesis gas, which can be used in corresponding burners at very favourable emissions. “By producing synthesis gas from biomass, we can offer energy-intensive companies a decidedly solid and economical solution,” notes Mr Ferges.

We have very strong demand in this area and expect considerable domestic sales in the next few years. The drastic increase in the CO2 levy from the current 25 Euros/t to 55 Euros/t in 2025, as planned by the German government, is already having an effect,” continues Mr Ferges.

The surge in demand that A.H.T. is currently experiencing is supported by federal subsidy programmes that explicitly promote biomass as an energy source. Both the energy audit and the technical retrofitting are promoted. The independent expert report by the company Bode has now proven with exact figures that solutions from A.H.T. make an important contribution to decarbonisation.

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