2023 10 12 Teambuilding Day Bonn A

A New Chapter for AHT Cleantec: Accompanying Growth with Our Team Event

On September 22nd, AHT Cleantec took a significant step toward a cooperative and inclusive workplace culture. For the first time, we organized an internal team event right in our office premises in Bonn.

Over the past year, AHT Cleantec has seen substantial growth in employee numbers. The timing couldn’t have been better to hold an event aimed at breaking the ice and learning more about each other. The day was full of laughter, barbecue and games, allowing us to connect on a personal level and build trust among the team.

An interesting fact: Our team consists of people from many cultures, making AHT Cleantec a melting pot of various talents and perspectives. This cross-cultural aspect adds a unique layer to our organization and offers diverse viewpoints that are invaluable in our growth journey across different markets.

A big thank-you to everyone who made this event a true milestone for AHT Cleantec.

Besides the hard work and above-average commitment from each individual, we are glad to be able to celebrate such moments.

2023 10 12 Teambuilding Day Bonn

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