2019 08 27 Blog Ethische Rendite

The German Blog “ethische-rendite.de” (“ethical yield”) publishes article on A.H.T.

The worth-reading portal www.ethische-rendite.de took a closer look at the share trend of A.H.T. and performed a personal appraisal. Against the background that A.H.T. indeed follows an ethical approach by planning and erecting CO2-neutral power plants, we are particularly delighted that the author Michael Vaupel took notice on our concept. The utilization of biogenic residuals for energy generation enables structurally weak regions to create jobs und to diversify its economies – with minimum possible ecologic footprint.

Read the article here (in German language):  https://www.ethische-rendite.de/blog/allgemein/wasserstoff-aus-biogenen-reststoffen/

About the author:

Michael Vaupel, holding a diploma in macroeconomics and an M.A. in History is a thoroughbred broker. After his studies, he worked as  press volunteer, chief editor and as analyst of several market letters (emerging markets, internet, derivates, commodities).

He is a popular interview and chat partner (N24 – a German news portal, CortalConsors). Ethical correct investing is important for him – his attitude Michael describes as follows: “I condemn profit at any price. Of course I like to recommend winner-investments and profitable trades. But definitely not those which harm environment and communities”.

His focus is set towards macroeconomic analyses of selected markets and portrayal of the implementation of the gained findings.


Note: This article is not encouraging share purchases. Forecasts are conducted on the basis of “normal-case” assumptions and do not lay any claim of completeness, liability or correctness. This is particularly true for predictions on business development. Trade with shares are prone to risk and could lead to complete loss of the invested capital.

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