Forschungsanlage Metabolon 2024 Vonthkoeln

Annual meeting of the DECHEMA Division High Temperature Technology

We were pleased to present our highly interesting technology for the energetic/material recycling of biogenic residues and waste materials at this year’s DECHEMA conference. The annual meeting of the specialist group offered two days of exciting presentations on the topic of high-temperature technology.
In the “Pyrolysis and gas generation” session, Jens Markgraf from AHT CleanTec gave an in-depth insight into synthesis gas generation in the AHT double-fire reactor and highlighted the complete modular process system of AHT biomass power plants: from liquid residue to hydrothermal carbonization to solid fuel, the subsequent gas generation in the double-fire gasifier, the subsequent gas purification and the provision of CO2-neutral energy or molecules such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, etc..
Professor Christian Malek from the Technical University of Cologne then presented the AHT research facility :metabolon in detail, which provides valuable findings and test results on a wide range of input materials from primary and secondary raw materials and waste.
In addition to the exciting presentations, there was plenty of time for networking and discussions among the participants.

We would like to thank you once again for this successful conference, the fruitful discussions and the opportunity to exchange new findings.

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