2019 07 23 Kompaktanlage Suedostasien

Compact Power Plant for Electricity Generation from Biogenic Residues Installed in South-East Asia

End of the year 2018, a compact synthesis gas power plant was shipped to South-East Asia (see corporate news from 14.12.2018). The system had been commissioned and started up during the first half of the year 2019 under supervision of A.H.T. engineers. The goal is now feedstock optimisation – it consists of disposed waste from the landfill in direct vicinity. For valorisation and conditioning of the refuse derived fuel, the customer installed a self-developed carbonisation facility, which generates a hydrochar after separating foreign matter. This hydrochar bears distinguished gasification properties. By the process control with the twin-fire technology, this feedstock allows the absolutely low-emission clean energy generation. This relatively small biomass power plant shall be part of a 5 MWel installation and firstly serves for feedstock optimisation and for training purposes of the local operation team regarding the large biomass power plant. Only in November of last year, the client finalised the negotiations for the feed-in tariff.

By regular remote access to the control system, the project is being supported for training purposes. Frequent visits to the customer on-site is important for A.H.T. for the further project development and specific technical advice, in order to extent and establish the partnership in the region. Due to wildly growing dump sites and a neglected waste management, A.H.T. is able to contribute to eliminate waste and the same time generating valuable energy. The services that A.H.T. is able to deliver are related to planning, erection and supporting of energy projects as well as the conversion of inferior feedstocks into high-grade fuels.

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