230801 Update Nationale Wasserstoffstrategie

Confirmation from Recent German National Hydrogen Strategy (NWS) Updates: AHT CEO Shares Enthusiasm!

“We wholeheartedly welcome the latest NWS update! Hydrogen produced from biogenic waste and residues is finally getting the recognition and support it deserves,” says Ferges. With the increased estimation of hydrogen demand and a target of 30-50 percent domestic production in Germany by 2030, it becomes evident that non-electricity-based hydrogen production needs to be a primary focus. AHT has been investing in this area since 2020, holding joint venture participations and possessing access rights to pioneering patents.

The current focus of our three ongoing research projects with universities and industrial partners is on extracting high-purity hydrogen from wood and synthesis gases, directly applicable for on-site storage, refueling, or industrial purposes. Through the combination of AHT’s twin gasifier for synthesizing gas from biogenic residues and the FHT separator – a technology for extracting high-purity hydrogen from gas mixtures – we are developing decentralized solutions that support industrial customers and municipalities in achieving independence from grid-based supply.

We foresee a rapidly growing market for AHT, running parallel to the evolving hydrogen economy, which is expected to have a positive trajectory in the coming years, much like the booming market for decentralized high-temperature gas and energy supply based on biogenic residues in Germany.”

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