2023 12 09 Transformenergy Vernissage Bonn

Full house: a successful vernissage

Around 100 visitors ensured a successful and atmospheric start to the TransformEnergy exhibition.

After months of preparation, the “TransformEnergy” exhibition, which AHT organized together with the Bad Godesberg Art Association with the participation of 23 artists, opened on 9 December 2023.

The vernissage was a complete success: around 100 guests were impressed by the varied exhibits and the encounter between art and business in the office space.

Gero Ferges, CEO of AHT, opened the exhibition, which is now open to the public, in a relaxed atmosphere: “The works on display here all revolve around the highly topical subject of ‘energy and transformation’, which our company has also been dealing with successfully for many years. They reflect the transformation of materials, substances and processes in a variety of ways, often based on the model of natural cycles.”

The idea behind this collaboration with the artists was to explore the exciting parallels between creative processes in art and technical innovation processes in our work. The aim was to stimulate a dialog in order to broaden our perspective and open up space for new ideas.

Gero Ferges, thanked all the artists and the Kunstverein Bad Godesberg for their extraordinary commitment and the diversity of their contributions.

Irene Gilles, Chairwoman of the Kunstverein Bad Godesberg, explained how this exhibition came about, described the diversity of the works created and concluded with the words: “The aim of this exhibition is to deal with exponentially growing mountains of waste and to call for greater mindfulness. Together with the company AHT, we are formulating an invitation to deal with this topic and to think about possible solutions, so that we can speak of a very successful synergy effect here, both in terms of content and aesthetics.”

Afterwards, the visitors devoted themselves to the exhibits and engaged in lively discussions with the artists about the works before the successful evening came to an end.

From now until March 31, 2024, the exhibition can be viewed on Wednesdays between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. in the AHT offices in Bonngasse.

Here you will find the welcoming speeches by
Irene Gilles, Chairwoman of Kunstverein Bad Godesberg
Gero Ferges, CEO AHT Syngas Technology N.V.

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