2019 06 06 Gaserzeugungsstrecke Schweiz

Gas Generation Array in Switzerland – Phase II in Progress

After A.H.T. successfully erected a 150 kWel gas, heat and power generation plant in Switzerland, which was – against the initial planning – re-assembled and commissioned for a customer in Asia with the urgent need of a compact demonstrational unit (corporate news follows shortly), it was now started with the erection of a second synthesis gas plant with an output of 200 kWel. This plant shall operate on wood chips but also on briquettes from the already installed carbonisation facility. This plant complex is part of the regional innovation campus “Rheinmuehle”. In interaction with various technical installations, the synthesis gas plant shall deliver the base load for the location.

2019 06 06 Gaserzeugungsstrecke Schweiz B

Besides the erection, A.H.T. also draws responsibility for further engineering tasks for the technical installations. The heat will also be completely used at the campus. At the location, a circular added value will emerge as the excrements of the livestock are being re-fed to the carbonisation and subsequent gas, heat and power generation.

“The collaboration with our Swiss partner enables A.H.T. to prove its technical engineering expertise in the framework of the establishment of the innovation campus for waste reduction and utilisation of agricultural residues”, Mr Ferges, CEO of A.H.T., explains. “This allows us to position our technology profitably for all entities involved and to position ourselves again in the focus of the German speaking countries”.

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