2019 12 18 Aht Gewinnt Europaweite Ausschreibung

A.H.T. wins European-wide tender for a research facility for the thermal processing of biomass

The A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V (“A.H.T.”) was awarded with the erection and commissioning of a research facility for the thermal processing of various biomass types. Contracting authority is the “Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband (“BAV”)”, a local waste management association in the south-west of the German federal state North-Rhine Westphalia near Cologne. The BAV issued the European-wide tender, project execution organisation is the research institute “:metabolon” with an international reputation for innovative and trailblazing biogenic residuals utilisation.

A.H.T. was awarded due to its convincing concept and experience. The planned research facility bases on the efficient twin-fire gasifiers with two gasification zones. A.H.T. will design the facility specifically for the research on new biogenic substitute fuels.

The plant will be flexibly constructed in order to scientifically investigate the thermal processing of a broad range of biogenic residuals.

Gero Ferges, CEO der A.H.T., hereto explains: “The utilisation of biogenic residuals for a climate-neutral power and heat generation as well as the element separation from synthesis gas increasingly gains importance at communal level. We are proud to have been awarded as technology provider. Together with the internationally renowned project partners, this project will receive attention across our regional boarders. ”

More information in German language on the “Bergischer Abfallwirtschaftsverband” and the :metabolon Institute can be found here:


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