2020 10 05 Syngas To X

“Syngas to X” – A.H.T. taps into new markets

In September, A.H.T. Syngas Technology N.V. (“A.H.T.”) received an order to deliver a synthesis gas purification plant to a renowned Japanese customer (we reported). The background is the use of synthesis gas, produced from biomass or municipal waste, for chemical processes and materials such as plastics, ethanol or methanol. The latter are essential basic materials for the chemical industry and mobility.

A.H.T. is currently receiving further inquiries about this application scope from various markets – especially related to the “Horizon 2030” and “Green Deal” campaigns of the European Union. Several projects are currently being processed or prepared:

 with the Japanese customer, the strategy after the first delivery for a pilot plant was discussed last week in order to multiply the concept and offer it together to interested companies.

 In Europe, A.H.T. is involved in the formation of consortia of European companies and German research institutes with similar goals. To this end, the EU funding mechanisms are to be activated in the framework of the so-called “BBI Calls” (Bio-based Industries), which promote projects and research for the use of innovative technologies for the conversion of biological waste into environmentally friendly products.

The technological focus is on the use of synthesis gas components such as gaseous carbon and hydrogen, which are naturally contained in the synthesis gas and do not have to be synthesized in an energy-intensive process.

Especially the often quoted “sector coupling” is taken into account: The interlocking of the sectors “waste treatment and utilization”, “chemical industry” and “mobility or alternative fuels” is a declared strategic goal of A.H.T., its partners and customers. This linkage will also contribute to regional value creation, as new logistics, trade and production chains are created, which are particularly important in regions undergoing structural change.

“Here, A.H.T. is now going on the offensive, as the company together with its network can already offer decentralized solutions, while in many cases ways and solutions are still being discussed”, explains Gero Ferges, CEO of A.H.T.. “Once again, A.H.T. is gaining technological lead and acting as a solution provider and opinion leader”, Mr. Ferges continues.

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