2022 08 23 Waste To Clean Energy Japan

A.H.T. delivers “Waste to Clean Energy” plant to Japan

In a few days the A.H.T. biomass power plant, which was ordered last year (we reported on 04.10.2021) and is now completed, will be shipped to Japan The plant is adapted to use Japanese cedar – which is processed locally. There, it will generate CO2-free energy from wood waste in the future. “Japan has very favorable market conditions for A.H.T. biomass power plants. We are pleased to create another contribution for CO2-neutral power generation,” said A.H.T. CEO Ferges.

The “Waste to Clean Energy” concept is part of the DNA of A.H.T., which has made a name for itself with its technology in the growing global market for “Clean Energy by Gasification”. “With this lighthouse project in the crisis-ridden Fukushima region, A.H.T. will further expand its presence in the Japanese biomass sector,” Ferges is convinced, while pointing to the great opportunities that its technology presents for European industrial companies per se, and especially for those with hot gas requirements. “With the rapidly rising prices for natural gas, investments in the utilization of biogenic residues pay for themselves even more quickly and at the same time reduce the burden on the environment. Through our experience with our Japanese customers, we continue to gain valuable expertise in international business.” In Europe, such a plant can produce electricity and heat far more cheaply than natural gas and offers an alternative to supply from own resources. Following the commissioning of the A.H.T. biomass power plant, further orders from customers in Japan are expected to follow by the end of the year.

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